Marconi Receiving & Measuring Instruments Catalogue

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I collect the items in this catalogue. Please contact me.

Description: Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company catalogue of early radio sets and ancillary equipment. Each item has a description and internal connection diagram. 43 Pages, 7Mb download

  • Marconi Magnetic Detector
  • Marconi Portable Magnetic Receiver
  • Marconi Multiple Tuner (Triple Tuner)
  • Marconi Short Multiple Tuner
  • Marconi Valve Receiver
  • Marconi Valve Receiver (for long waves)
  • Marconi Universal Crystal Receiver
  • Marconi Balanced Crystal Receiver (short waves) With Intermediate Circuit
  • Marconi Balanced Crystal Receiver
  • Marconi Valve and Balanced Crystal Receiver (long wave)
  • Marconi Crystal receiver No.1
  • Marconi Crystal Receiver No.2
  • Marconi Demonstration Crystal Receiver No.1
  • Marconi Short Wave Portable Set
  • The Wireless Direction Finder
  • Wavemeters
  • Inductances and Condensers
  • Headphones, valves, crystal clips and batteries

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