H.W. Sullivan Wireless Apparatus For Transmission and Reception

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Description: From 1922, this HW Sullivan catalogue lists radio sets (receivers and transmitters) and components with prices, descriptions and part numbers. 66 Pages, 17Mb download.

  • Precision air condensers (capacitors), No.31 – No.34
  • Variable air condenser, No.35, No.36
  • Mica condensers
  • Tuning inductances with reaction
  • Banked coil loading inductance
  • Variometer
  • Oscillation transformers
  • Loose coupled tuning circuits
  • Switches, potentiometers, rheostats, resistances
  • Anode reaction coils
  • Intervalve transformers
  • Headphones, Valve sockets, batteries
  • Valve detecting unit, No.179
  • Complete Receiving Installation, No.209
  • Four valve amplifying receiver Model HWS, No.300
  • High power LF amplifier, No.200
  • High power amplifier (six valves), No.201
  • Standard experimental valve amplifying receiver panel
  • Single valve receiving circuit
  • Two valve amplifying receiver panel
  • Three valve note magnifier panel
  • Wavemeters
  • Transmitters

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