Gecophone Wireless Components Catalogue

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Dated September 1924, this Gecophone catalogue lists their wide range of radio components with prices and catalogue codes. 15 Pages, 8Mb download

  • Variometers B.C.845, B.C.849
  • Vario-couplers B.C.847
  • Variable Condensers B.C.833, B.C.835, B.C.B.C.837, B.C.839
  • 3-EVC Variable Condenser B.C.841, B.C.843
  • Rejector Unit B.C.1341
  • Rejector Unit loading coils B.C.1342 – B.C.1349
  • Loading coils for Gecophone crystal and valve sets B.C.900 – B.C.904
  • Reactance coils for valve sets B.C.890, B.C.892, B.C.950, B.C.906,
  • B.C.895
  • Complete set of loading and reactance coils B.C.920
  • Burndept coils and coil holders
  • RI (Radio Instruments) HF transformers
  • Headphones
  • Headphone distribution box B.C.103, B.C.320
  • Intervalve transformers B.C.869, B.C.870, B.C.861
  • Valve holders
  • Crystal detector B.C.46
  • Gecosite crystal
  • Dials and knobs
  • Fixed condensers (capacitors)
  • Grid Leaks
  • Plugs, sockets, terminals and connecting cords
  • Ebonite panels
  • Filament resistances B.C.897, B.C.891
  • Aerial equipment
  • Accumulators
  • Batteries and battery boxes
Gecophone Wireless Components Catalogue 1924
Gecophone Wireless Components Catalogue 1924 sample page

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