Catalogue of Radio Receiving Sets, Amplifiers, Components and Accessories

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Description: Mid 1920’s wireless catalogue, including the following manufacturers radio sets:

  • BTH Bijou crystal radio
  • BTH Model A crystal radio
  • Brownie No.2 Crystal radio,
  • Cosmos crystal radio,
  • Ediswan 1924 crystal radio,
  • Goltone crystal radio,
  • BTH two valve LF receiver,
  • BTH six valve receiver,
  • BTH Radiola III,
  • BTH Portable radio set,
  • BTH Portable Loudspeaker and Amplifier,
  • Chakophone New No.9 two valve radio,
  • Chakophone Super No.9 two valve radio,
  • Chakophone No.1B three valve radio,
  • Dunham Type CSD42 two valve radio,
  • Dunham Type CSD58,
  • Dunham three valve long range cabinet set Type CSD 51D, Dunham three valve long range cabinet set Type CSD 45D,
  • Ediswan Toovee radiophone
  • Ediswan long range radiophone
  • Cosmos three valve radio
  • Ediswan Compactum two valve radio
  • Cosmos Type VS6 five valve radio
  • Cosmos Type VS7 five valve radio
  • Efescaphone Gordon two valve radio
  • Efescaphone Rodney three valve radio
  • Efescaphone Nelson Grand three or four valve radio
  • Ericsson two, three or four valve radio
  • Gambrell Cabinet-Two two valve radio
  • Gambrell Baby-Two two valve radio
  • Gambrell Baby Grand DC Mains
  • Gecophone two, three, four and five valve models
  • Gecophone eight valve superhet radio
  • Marconiphone Type 21
  • Marconiphone Type 31
  • Marconiphone Type 41
  • Marconiphone Straight Eight Type 81
  • Lodge “N” two and three valve radio
  • Lodge Pelican one, two, three and four valve radio
  • Pye one, two and three valve radio
  • Brownie two valve amplifier
  • BTH single stage and two stage amplifier
  • Cosmos three valve amplifier
  • Service one and two valve amplifier
  • Frame aerials by Igranic and
  • Headphones by BTH, Bontone, Ediswan, Ericsson
  • Amplion AR31 (metal) , AR31O (oak flare) and AR31M (mahogany flare) loudspeaker
  • BTH RK Model loudspeaker
  • Ericsson Supertone Junior and Senior loudspeaker
  • BTH Type C1, C2, C8 and Type D loudspeaker
  • Climax Chello loudspeaker
  • CAV Musicola loudspeaker
  • Eddystone Popular loudspeaker
  • Eddystone Lyric loudspeaker
  • Ediswan Televox loudspeaker
  • Ediswan Dulcivox loudspeaker
  • Ediswan Silvervox loudspeaker
  • Gecophone Type B, Type C loudspeaker
  • Sterling Mellovox loudspeaker
  • Ultra loudspeaker loudspeaker
  • Valves by Benjamin, BTH, Cleartron, Cosmos, Cossor, Ediswan, Marconi, Mullard, Six Sixty and Osram

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Catalogue of radio receiving sets, amplifiers and accessories
Catalogue of radio receiving sets, amplifiers and accessories sample page

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