Marconi Receiving & Measuring Instruments

Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.
Receiving & Measuring Instruments Catalogue

Catalogue of vintage Marconi wireless sets with specifications, descriptions, photographs and circuit diagrams for the Marconi Magnetic detector, Portable Magnetic Receiver, Multiple Tuner, Short Multiple Tuner, Valve Receiver, Valve Receiver for Long Waves, Universal Crystal Receiver for Low Resistance Crystals, Balanced Crystal Receiver for Short Waves with Intermediate Circuit, Valve and Balanced Crystal Receiver, Crystal Receiver No.1, Crystal Receiver No.2, Demonstration Crystal Receiver, Short Wave Portable Set, Wireless Direction Finder, Wavemeters No. 1 and 2, Direct Reading Decremeter, Long Wave Decremeter and Wavemeter, Combined Condensers and Inductances, Variable Condensers, Fleming Valves, Selected Crystals (Carborundum) and Crystal Clips.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge.  If you have any of the items listed for sale then please contact me


If you have any of the items listed above for sale then please contact me