H.W. Sullivan Wireless Apparatus For Transmission and Reception 1922 Radio Catalogue

H. W. Sullivan
Wireless Apparatus For Transmission and Reception Catalogue – January 1922

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Precision Air Condensers (Capacitor), Three Range Variable Condenser, Variable Air Condenser, Extension Handle, Small Variable Self Heterodyne Condenser, Mica Condenser

Adjustable Mica Condenser (Capacitor), Single Layer Tuning Inductances with Reaction (variometer), Banked Coil Loading Inductance, Rotary Magentic Reaction Coupling Coils, Oscillation Transformers (loose couplers)

Complete Loose Coupled Tuning Circuits, Loose Coupled Oscillation Transformers, Inductance Tapping Switches, Series-Parallel Switches, Rotary Type Rheostats, Grid Leak Resistances, Anode Resistances

Adjustable Anode Reactance Coils, RF Intervalve Transformer, AF Intervalve Transformer, Telephone Transformer

Headphones, Terminal Board, R Type Valve, Valve Sockets, Battery, Battery Rack

Dry Cell Anode Battery, Accumulators, Valve Detecting Unit, Complete Receiving Installation, High Power Four Valve Amplifying Receiver

High Power Low Frequency Amplifier (Five Valve), High Power Amplifier (Six Valve), Standard Experimental Valve Amplifying Receiver Panel, Single Valve Receiving Circuit

Two Valve Amplifying-Receiving Panel, Three Valve Note Magnifier Panel, Wavemeters, High Voltage (Transmitter) Air Condenser

Transmitting Condensers, High Voltage Condensers, Inductances and Coupling Coils, Transmitting Valves,  Microphones, Microphone Transformer

Modulation Choke, Smoothing Choke, Ammeters, Knife Switches, Morse keys, Radio-Telephone Transmitter

Experimental or Demonstration Radio-Telephone Transmitter, High Power Radio-Telephone Transmitter, Aerial Fittings.

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