Gecophone Wireless Catalogue 1924

Wireless Components Catalogue 1924

Click the thumbnails to enlarge.  Contains descriptions and prices for: Variometer, Variocoupler, Variable Condenser, ‘3-EVC’ Condenser, Rejector Unit, Loading coil, Reactance coil , Complete set of loading & reactance coils BC 920.

Burndept coils,  Coil holder,   HF Amplyfing unit transformer, HF anode reactance coil, Combined variable reaction and anode reactance,  Headphones,  Headphone distribution box,  Intervalve & telephone transformer,  Valve holder,  Crystal detector, GECOSITE crystal, Bakelite dials & knobs, Fixed condensers,  Grid leaks.

Filament resistances, Stud switches, Switch arms and contact studs, Aerial equipment, Tubular earth, Lightning arresters, Accumulators, Low tension dry batteries, High tension batteries, High tension battery units.