Catalogue of Radio Receiving Sets, Amplifiers, Components and Accessories

Catalogue of Radio Receiving Sets, Amplifiers, Components and Accessories

An undated but early 1920’s wireless catalogue.  Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

BTH Bijou crystal set, BTH Model A crystal set (Type C Form A). Brownie No.2 crystal set.  Cosmos crystal set.  Ediswan 1924 crystal set.  Goltone crystal set. BTH 2 valve.  BTH 6 valve.  BTH Radiola III 3 valve. BTH Portable Set. BTH Portable Loudspeaker and Amplifier.  Chakophone New No.9 2 valve.  Chakophone Super No.9 2 valve.  Chakophone No.1B 3 valve, Dunham Type CSD 42 (Long Range) 2 valve , Dunham Type CSD 58 2 valve, Dunham Type CSD 51D Long Range Cabinet Set 3 valve , Dunham Type CSD 45D Long Range Set 3 valve

Ediswan Twovee Radiophone, Ediswan Long Range Radiophone, Cosmos Three valve , Ediswan Compactum 2 valve , Cosmos VS6 5 valve , Cosmos VS7 5 valve , Efescaphone Gordon 2 valve , Efescaphone Rodney 3 valve , Efescaphone Nelson Grand 4 valve , Ericsson 2, 3 and 4 valve, Gambrell Cabinet-Two 2 valve, Gambrell Baby-Two 2 valve, Gambrell Baby Grand (DC Mains), Gecophone 2 , 3, 4, 5 and 8 valve.

Marconiphone Type 21, Marconiphone Type 31, Marconiphone Type 41, Marconiphone Straight Eight 8 valve, Lodge N (Cleartron Manufacture) 2 valve and 3 valve radio. Pelican (Cleartron Manufacture) 1, 2, 3, and 5 valve radio, Pye 1 valve radio, Pye 2 valve, Pye 3 valve, Brownie 2 valve amplifier, BTH single stage amplifier, BTH two stage amplifier, Cosmos 3 valve amplifier, Service amplifiers, Perfex Aerial, Cosmos frame aerial, Goltone Enhansa indoor aerial, Igranic frame aerial, Service lightning arrester, Eddystone safety lead-in switch, Pressland safety lead-in, Silvertown window pane insulators, cone lead in insulators, Climax folding frame aerial, Collett self-hoisting aerial pulley, Cosmos lead in, LEWCOS frame aerial wire

BTH headphones, Bontone headphones, Ediswan headphones, Ericsson headphones, Brownie distribution board, BTH multiway telephone switch, Goltone telephone block, Amplion Junior horn loudspeaker, Amplion Senior horn loudspeaker, Amplion Swan Neck Deluxe, Amplion Senior Dragon, Amplion Standard Dragon, Amplion Concert Dragon, Amplion Radiolux Junior, Amplion Radiolux Senior, Amplion Type AR31 Lecture Hall Model, BTH RK Model loudspeaker, Ericsson Supertone Loudspeaker, BTH Type C1, Type C2, Type C8, Type D loudspeaker, Climax Chello loudspeaker, CAV Musicola Loudspeaker, Eddystone Popular Model horn loudspeaker, Eddystone Lyric loudspeaker, Ediswan Televox horn loudspeaker, Ediswan Dulcivox horn loudspeaker, Ediswan Silvervox horn loudspeaker, Gecophone Type B, Type C cabinet loud speakers.

Sterling Mellovox horn loudspeaker, Ultra horn loudspeaker, Amplion Siftron filter circuit, Amplion gramaphone attachments Type AU4, Type AU5 and Type AU6.  Goltone Selecta.  Benjamin valves Type SP18 and Type SP55.  BTH valves Type B2, Type R, Type B3, Type B5, Type B5H, Type B4H, Type B4, Type B6, Type B7, Type B11.   Cleartron valves Type CT08 and CT25.  Cosmos valves Type SP18, Type SP55, Type DE55, Type A45, Type DE11.  Cossor valves Type P1, Type P2, Type P3, Wuncell W1, W2, WR1, WR2, W3, Point One, Stentor Two, Ediswan valves Type AR, R, GP2, DR2, ARDE, RC2, AR06, GP4, PV5DE, PV2, PV6DE, PV8DE, PV4.  Marconi valves Type DER, DE6, DE2 LF, DE2 HF, DE3, DE3B

Marconi valves type LS5, LS5a, LS5b, DE5, DE5a, DE5b, DE8 LF, DE8 HF.  Mullard valves Type PM1HF, PM1LF, PM2, PM3, PM4, PM5, PM6, DP425, DU/5, DU/10.  Six Sixty valves Type SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS2A, SS8, SS10, SS11.  Osram valves Type DE2, DE6, DE3, DE3B, DE4, DE8, DE5. Exide battery.  Columbia battery.  Ediswan accumulator and battery, Ever Ready battery.  Siemens battery.  CAV accunulator.  Sure-A-Lite battery, Benjamin battery switch.

Sampson accumulator carrier.  Goltone radio meters.  Weston meters.  BTH Tungar battery charger.  Goltone home accumulator charger. Atlas HT battery eliminator.